What to Try at the Best Restaurant in Tokyo

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We have just met the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia and we have taken good note of which is the second restaurant on that list, first from Japan and Tokyo: Den, from Jimbocho Den. You can find more info online and make a quick visit to Tokyo!

It’s not that we want to ignore the winner, it’s just that it’s an old acquaintance that we’ve already given a good account of because it has topped this list in its last four editions, from 2014 to the present; on the other hand Den has revealed himself as an emerging star because he has gone from occupying the eleventh position last year to staying just one step away from unseating the Gaggan and that after having occupied the position 37 in 2016 and not even appear in the list of the 50 best restaurants in 2015. Let us look at some of the best restaurants in Tokyo presently.


Gastronomically it stands out for the okonomiyaki, a kind of tortilla made on the grill. Actually it is an egg and flour dough to which different ingredients are added depending on what you want. It is grilled quite spectacularly in front of you and then drizzled with sauces. It may seem like a total slut, but it is very rich and just experiencing how they cook it is a wonder. There are many places to eat okonomiyaki in Osaka, but I recommend Ajinoya.

The okonomiyaki in Ajinoya costs about € 7.

Takoyaki Street Stalls

Another typical dish of Osaka is takoyaki, dough balls made with wheat flour that carries pieces of octopus inside. If they do well and the proportion of mass/octopus is decent (come on, they are not all dough with no trace of octopus), they are very good. There is not a better place to take them, the ideal is to buy them on the street as an aperitif and go eat them while you walk.

Takoyaki is very cheap, for about 3-4 € we have a dozen.


I went north and I do not regret anything. One option if you want to continue south is to dedicate a day to Takayama, a small town of beautiful wooden houses. Yes, there are days that are very full, especially on weekends, and can lose all its charm.

In Takayama you can find it. A full menu is about € 45.

Best restaurant in Matsumoto: Torishin


The yakitori is a kind of bar or tavern in which only grilled chicken is served in an informal atmosphere, usually very fun. In this type of premises, all parts of the chicken are prepared with different mixtures of spices on the grill.

Go blind with chicken skewers and drink a lot of cold beer in Torishin and it will not cost you more than € 20.


I tried out the eel and the hanabiratake, a mushroom that was spectacular. I would not miss it, and it’s a great way to regain energy after uploading the Fuji. It is not a jewel in the list of best restaurants to eat in Japan, but you will not find many places with a tempura like the one they make here.

More or less a menu with drink is around € 15.